still here

I haven’t exactly been ignoring the blog, I’ve got three draft posts just sitting here screaming at me.

And it’s not like life is getting in the way.

The words just won’t come. They are running around in my brain, but they refuse to take that flying leap from my brain through my fingers to what you read here.

Ah well.

Next week the house husband and I are taking a short train vacation. We will be spending one very short night in NYC and then it’s back on a train down through DC and up through VA/OH/IN/IL.

There’s a neighbor who will be making sure the feline child doesn’t totally hork all over everything (with our luck, she will wait until we come home). And it will be some good together time.

Work is there, for both of us. Nothing really to add on that. Fall has arrived, but it seems all too short. Chicago had such a mild, chilly spring and summer and now it’s already fall and just when does that white stuff start to fly?

Overall, though, life is good.